Hawkins Sisters Ranch

Pasture Raised Chickens & Eggs

Cornish Cross

Our relatively slow growing Cornish Cross start their lives at an Oregon hatchery and arrive on our farm at two days old. They are raised in open air hoop houses and fed a custom-blend of local wheat, barley and legumes mixed with organic camelina meal and Pacific crab, plus minerals and enzymes. They seem pretty content as they peruse their pastures by day and bed down on a deep of sustainably harvested, soft wood chips.  The deep litter, mixed with rich manure, we scoop us for slow composting and eventually it returns to our pastures. 
Raised in very small numbers, really to explore this ancient practice of castrating male chickens (to create a tender, mature bird in the days before the Cornish Cross), our Delaware Capons have been a pleasure to raise. They are extremely handsome and docile fellows that yield a delicious, big boned carcass with lots of dark meat and yellow fat for Schmaltz.

Liver, Gizzards, Hearts, neck & Feet
Liver, gizzards, hearts, neck and feet are available. And who knows what else if you ask... These parts make wonderful pate and stock that lead to wonderful health, really, Sally Fallon says so.  
Laying hens
Our family of laying hens includes Rhode Island Reds, Delawares, White Rocks and Auracanas a mix of dark brown, carmel and greencolored eggs. These ladies, in the summer, roost in movable shelters and range daily. In the winter they move into larger stationary houses and hide from the snow. 

About Our Chickens