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Hawkins Sisters Ranch 


          Plan Ahead for for Delicious chicken ~

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Call, text or email to reserve birds for your freezer in 2019. Our first harvests are in early June.

 Whole birds range between 3 and 5 pounds and are sold for $5.50/lb at a handful of local farmers markets and at Ruby Peak Naturals in Enterprise. Our e-newsletter is the best way to know when we'll be at market.

          Stock up on a dozen or more birds at a time and the price drops to $5.00/lb and we can meet at

          a designated drop site convenient for you.

     Wholesale is available for 100 or more birds in a season. Call us to discuss availability and delivery options.

Cut-up parts (boneless breast and bone-in thigh, legs and wings) are available by request. We have lovely packs for stock and bone broth ready to go as well. Backs, necks and feet in various combinations for $2.00/lb


Portland Area Purchase

Members of the Hawkins family and folks at Carman Ranch have been friends for more then a few decades. Certainly long before Mary and Cory sat together at Wallowa Elementary or started going on camping trips together in college. We are happy to have a partnership today that makes it easy to pick up our chicken in Portland. Check out the Wallowa County beef, pork and chicken available through the Carman Ranch buying club.