healthy chickens, licensed processing services and locally sourced poultry feed

Hawkins Sisters Ranch 

Our feeds are milled in collaboration with

Wallowa County Grain Growers co-op

We use locally sourced grains and no genetically modified ingredients.

 50lb bags &  1,000 totes

Call a week ahead to order.     (541 )426-3116  ext.5

Pick up at the WCGG Bulk Feed Department ~ By the tracks
             802 Depot Street, Enterprise, Oregon 97885
     This is a complete diet for adult birds with outdoor access. It averages 16% protein and contains calcium and probiotics to keep laying birds healthy.  
 Ingredients: Wheat (Wallowa County), Peas (Union County), Fertrell Nutri-Balancer          

     minerals, calcium, methionine (amino acid) and Laczyme (probiotic)


     This ration contains 18 to 20% protein to meet the needs of growing birds, particularly Cornish Cross chickens. Our birds grow a little more slowly on this feed then on conventional corn & soy based rations but we see less inflammation as we process them. We like the color & proportions we see in the gizzards, livers and hearts of our birds when we finish with this grower blend. Always serve with green grass, plenty of fresh air, clean water and course grit.
   Ingredients: Wheat (Wallowa County), Peas (Union County), Camelina meal

      (Willamette Biomass Processors, Oregon), Nutri-Balancer minerals,

         calcium, methionine (amino acid) and Laczyme (probiotic)