healthy chickens, licensed processing services and locally sourced poultry feed

Hawkins Sisters Ranch 

processing services 

         Bring us your live birds or rabbits the evening before or the morning of your processing date.

    We'll have them clean, chilled, individually shrink bagged and ready for pick up in the afternoon. 

              Call or Email when your chicks arrive to schedule processing and Confirm details

                            in 2019 we will book Mondays and Thursdays between Memorial Day and Thanksgiving

                                               We are licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Chicken  Processing

           150 to 200 meat birds in a day                                       $ 5.00 per bird

                    Cornish Cross or Freedom Rangers types             

            50 to 149 meat birds                                                       $ 6.50 per bird

            50 or fewer meat birds                                                  $ 7.50 per bird

           Roosters, Hens, Heritage Dual Purpose                   $ 7.50 per bird

                     Packaged Necks or Feet                          $   .10 each per bird
                     Packaged Liver or Hearts                        $   .15 each per bird
                     Packaged Gizzards                                   $   .25 per bird
                 CUT-UP and packaged by part                   $ 3.50 per bird

              Parts include: boneless breast, bone-in thighs, drumstick, wings and backs.

Turkey  Processing

            12 lbs or less dressed                                                $ 12.00 per bird
            12 - 20 lbs                                                                     $ 15.00 per bird
            20 lbs or greater                                                          $ 20.00 per bird

                  Packaged giblets, inside each bird              $   .75 per bird
                      CUT-UP or split                                            $ 5.00 per bird

         Ducks                                               $ 10.00 per bird

         Rabbits                                            $ 6.00 each
       Guinea, Goose, Quail                   Also welcome, please call


Poultry will incur a 25cent per bird FEE FOR FULL CROPS.

Withhold feed 24hours prior to processing.

Thank you for your cooperation.