Hawkins Sisters Ranch

Pasture Raised Chickens & Custom Processing

processing services

   In September of 2016 our new facility was licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture to process poultry and rabbits

    for sale in Oregon.     We can help you bring your animals to your own table or to market.

                                Please call or email for details and available dates. Basic prices are:


Cornish Cross, whole no giblets                                                               $ 5.00 per bird

Roosters, Hens, Heritage & Freedom Ranger Broilers, no giblets      $ 5.50 per bird

Packaged Necks and/or Feet                                                             $   .15 per bird

Packaged Liver and/or Heart                                                             $   .15 per bird

Packaged Gizzards                                                                              $   .20 per bird

Cut-Up to parts                                                                                    $ 2.00 per bird


Poultry will incur a 25cent per bird fee for full crops.

Thank you for your cooperation in withholding feed 24hours prior to processing.



12 lbs or less dressed, whole no giblets                                            $ 9.00 per bird

12.01 to 20 lbs dressed, whole no giblets                                        $ 15.00 per bird

20.01 lbs or greater, whole no giblets                                              $ 18.00 per bird

Giblets included                                                                                $     .75 per bird


        Duck                                                                                                   $ 10.00 per bird

Rabbit                                                                                             $ 6.00 per

Guinee, Goose, Quail etc.                                                                   Also welcome, please call