The Hawkins Sisters and Carman Sisters have been friends since childhood. And, our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents all knew each other because both families have been in the Lower Wallowa Valley that long. Personal bias aside, we recommend you try Carman Ranch beef because it is the best tasting grass fed beef you can get your hands on!

Elk Cove Vineyards

Mary Hawkins & Anna Campbell have been friends since elementary school and even went to Smith College and rowed on the crew team together. Turns out both our grandfathers used to elk hunt on the Minam and we can imagine (no way of knowing since they are not here to ask) they may have even stopped by each others elk camps camp to warm up with a nip from the bottle or cup of coffee. You can dream up your own versions of stories like these as you unwind over a meal that pairs a Hawkins Sisters Ranch chicken dish and an Elk Cove Pinot Noir.

Lostine Tavern

We love everything about the renovated Lostine Tavern! Hands down it is the best food served for miles around! It pays homage to the long time watering hole and effective community center we grew up visiting with family and friends. It's retained those qualities and augmented them with farm-to-table fare. 
NOW SERVING Hawkins Sisters Ranch chicken!
Kudos to the proprietors Lisa & Peter for blending the old & new.


healthy chickens, licensed processing services and locally sourced poultry feed

Hawkins Sisters Ranch